Garland’s FBI Raids the Home of America’s Mom


The Patriot Act allows our government to hunt domestic terrorists in the United States and since Barack Obama, they’re hunting us. The FBI has been politicized and weaponized. We have seen it used against Roger Stone, General Flynn, James O’Keefe, and others, almost always conservatives.

The latest victim is the founder of America’s Mom.

Sherronna Bishop is an activist conservative mom who wants a free America for her children. She organized a network called America’s Mom. The network has helped flip board seats and organized support for Lauren Boebert. Currently, they’re trying to defeat Governor Polis.

She is a grassroots warrior for America, and last week, the FBI knocked down her door and ransacked her home, taking her computers and devices.

Mrs. Bishop committed no crime unless you consider it a crime to investigate the legitimacy of our elections.

The FBI allows Antifa and Black Lives Matter to operate while attacking parents. This follows the dictum by attorney general Merrick Garland to his US attorneys to investigate parents. It seems there might be a connection.

Our FBI is using counterterrorism tactics against Americans who won’t abide by their far-left agenda. They plan to silence all opposition.

Listen to her terrifying story:



  1. Support of Boebert and questiong the Big Steal is the reason? She (Boebert) really gets under the thin skins of the CPUSA/CCP collective comrades.
    Commierado is written off but I am thankful for multiple visits and do like the area around the Air Force Academy in Commierado springs.
    All of the glorious people’s republic of Kalifornia transplants and the dopey dopers have ruined the place and that is a feature and not a bug.
    The FIB is the Gestapo/STASI of the CPUSA and probably cannot be salvaged as the great Victor Davis Hanson asked in a recent editorial.

  2. The FBI has emerged as the single greatest Enemy of the People.It must be abolished and all of its employees imprisoned for life.

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