Ami Horowitz at protests: lots of ‘support for violence’


While I haven’t gone undercover to communist conferences and meetings for a few years, I doubt much has changed. There were many Black Lives Matter members at one communist conference I went to and all I can say is they were scary as Hell. Some were definitely gang members.

One BLM member, who was very pleasant, was a former Black Panther who described where he lived in the city. He wanted the police out completely and said the local drug dealer was keeping the people safe. The drug dealer even organized the annual block party and cooked up some mean BBQ. It sounded more dystopian to me.

The reason I mention BLM is that many of the leadership are very similar to Antifa. They are very far left and many are dangerous.

There are, however, many sincere people who just join up because they share the far-left Democrat agenda or they’ve been victimized by racism or a bad police officer.

It does seem that, in general, the agenda includes weaponizing race instead of uniting us.

Ami Horowitz did embed with the protesters/rioters for a night and I can relate to his experience.



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