CNN guest says “White kids don’t deserve innocence…to feel they won’t be killed”


Radical Democrat Tim Wise was a guest on CNN last night. Instead of trying to unite people, he is inciting people. “White kids don’t deserve innocence, childhood…,” says Wise.

“I think that the important thing for white parents to keep in the front of our mind is that if black children in this country are not allowed innocence and childhood without fear of being killed by police or marginalized in some other way, then our children don’t deserve innocence,” Wise said hyperbolically.

“If Tamir Rice can be shot dead in the public park playing with a toy gun, something white children do all over this country every day without the same fear of being shot,” he said.

“If Tamir Rice can be killed, then white children need to be told at least at the same age that if they can’t be innocent, we can’t be innocent. And if we would keep that in the front of our minds, then perhaps we would be able to hear what black and brown folks are telling us every day and have been telling us for years.”

[Tamir was pointing a realistic-looking toy gun at police.]

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