Amid Global Anti-Semitism, Biden Forms an Anti-Islamophobia Strategy


According to Reuters, anti-Semitic attacks have increased in the United States by over 100% since October 7th. Anti-Semitism is growing globally, but Joe Biden has a solution – a US National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia.

That’s our Joe.

A reporter asked that genius of press secretaries, KJP, a question about anti-Semitism, and she began talking about faux Islamophobia. And it is faux. Jews are far more in danger, and attacks on Muslims are way down on the hate assaults list.

“President Biden ran for office to restore the soul of our nation. He is unequivocal: There is no place for hate in America against anyone. Period,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said in a statement.

There’s no room for hate against their favored voting blocs.

The strategy, a joint effort led by the Domestic Policy Council and the National Security Council, aims to create a comprehensive and detailed plan to protect Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim “because of their race, national origin, ancestry, or any other reason, from discrimination, hate, bigotry, and violence,” said a White House official. The White House will be partnering with local communities on coming up with the strategy.

This is political, it’s weird, and it’s glaringly offensive given what’s happening to Jews.

At Harvard, students are assaulting Jewish students physically and verbally. The President of the University is a genius like KLP. They must have a really interesting interview committee.

At Cornell, an Asian student and safety officer made death threats against Jewish students.

The University of Pennsylvania students chant, “Death to the Jews,” like Nazis would.

Pro-terrorist students at NYU are chanting, “No two states, No Israel, No Jews.” This doesn’t surprise me. When I went undercover at a communist Forum at NYU, the students were heavily pro-Palestine and not pleasant.

The psycho-ideology of the Left is swallowing up the Democrat Party. The New York Times has fallen back on their old pro-Hitler admiration.

A former reporter for the NY Times, Bari Weiss, called out the Gray Lady for employing a “Hitler-loving reporter in Gaza” — a reference to Soliman Hijjy, a Palestinian filmmaker who in years past hailed the Nazi leader in social media posts.

“If you thought that the Hitler-loving reporter in Gaza was the only scandal @nytimes, think again,” Weiss wrote on her X social media account Monday.

She then posted a link to a New York Times story published last week “about the atmosphere in Saudi Arabia post-Oct. 7 massacre,” which quotes Sultan Alamer, a graduate student at Harvard’s Center for Mideast Studies.

Weiss noted that Alamer “is presented as an expert by the Times.”

So, now Joe Biden thinks we have to concentrate on Islamophobia. That’s nuts.

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