The Coincidental Raid of Adams’ Fundraiser While He Was in DC


Update: Eric Adams bragged that he visited Turkey more than any other New York City mayor.

“I’m probably the only mayor in the history of this city that has not only visited Turkey once, but I think I’m on my sixth or seventh visit to Turkey,” Adams gloated to the crowd at a flag-raising ceremony in Lower Manhattan last Friday ahead of Turkey’s 100-year anniversary as a republic.

The FBI is looking into kickbacks.

Original Story of the Coincidental Raid

The New York Times reports that FBI agents Thursday raided the Brooklyn home of Brianna Suggs, the manager of Mayor Adams’ campaign fundraising operation. She has collected $19 million for Adam’s campaign and is under investigation for illegally collecting funds from Turkey.

The Times sources are anonymous, but if they are intel agents, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Eric Adams Wikimedia Commons

“According to a bombshell search warrant reported by The New York Times, the raid on Suggs’ townhouse home in Crown Heights is part of a federal public corruption investigation into whether Adams’ 2021 campaign conspired with the Turkish government and a Brooklyn construction firm to funnel foreign cash into the campaign’s coffers via straw donors,” The Times reports.

“The warrant reportedly sought evidence of a conspiracy to steal federal funds, make illegal campaign donations with foreign money and fraud, and whether Adams’ campaign secured perks for Turkish government officials and executives at the construction company, a Williamsburg-based outfit called KSK Construction Group.,” the Times continued.

Before you form an opinion, do you know what Adams was doing at the time?

He had traveled to D.C. to meet with White House officials and congressional lawmakers about the New York City migrant crisis that is destroying the city. Shortly after he got to the capital, he canceled all his meetings and rushed back to New York City.

The timing of the raid with his visit is very COINCIDENTAL.

It made me think of the IRS agents showing up at Matt Taibbi’s house when he was testifying before Congress. They’re still auditing him even though they owe him money.

Is this raid on Adams’ fundraiser a message?

“The Intelligence Community has Six Ways From Sunday to go after” you, Chuck Schumer said when Donald Trump took on the intelligence community.

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