Amid Open Borders, Crime, Inflation, Biden’s Poll Numbers Rise


Joe Biden is brain-damaged; lies constantly, and is compromised by China. Biden lied about the Hunter laptop; the Twitter Files show he has weaponized the entire government; crime is rampant; he supports gender ideology and the mutilation of children; and thousands of anonymous people pour in through our open borders. The economy is in bad shape. Oh, and he’s a dictator getting us into wars.

His ratings should have gone down. But no, they’re going up. He has the highest ratings since June.

According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, his ratings are up to 42 percent.

The survey also found that 81 percent of Democrats support Biden’s student loan forgiveness program, which the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on last week. Only 29 percent of Republicans approved of the program, the poll found.

Democrats are communist wealth redistributors now, unless Reuters conducted a misleading poll.

No one on the right, not a single soul, is calling to defund the police, but Biden lies in the clip below and claims it’s true. He will lie about anything for any reason and he lies every day.

However, reorganizing and limiting the size and power of the FBI is indeed on the table, along with limiting all of the weaponized, rogue agencies.

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11 months ago

Democrats support democrats no matter what. They are brain washed that way, especially the minorities. As far as people supporting the student loan bailout, who is going to turn down free money? When Trump ran he promised more jobs. Democrats promised more free shit. That’s the country we are now.

11 months ago

He puts out a 6.8 Trillion budget with Presents for everyone and his Polls go up while 80% of America says the Country is headed in the wrong direction. That means the Government would have to tax every man woman and child in America $20,500 to pay for it. The Median Family of four only makes about $50,000. This is Communism, Pure and Simple! Only the takers in this Country approve of Traitor Joe. The Budget shouldn’t be a penny over revenue minus 1 Trillion. One Trillion needs to go to paying down the Debt Principle. And then the Debt ceiling should be lowered by 1 Trillion!