Amistad Project files emergency petition re 150,000 potentially fraudulent ballots


The national conservative group, Amistad Project of The Thomas Moore Society, filed an emergency petition Tuesday with the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The conservative group claims to have identified more than 150,000 ballots that have the potential for fraud.

Joe Biden defeated President Trump by about 20,000 votes.

Phillip Kline, director of the Amistad Project, said the number of potentially fraudulent ballots identified are “more than enough to call into question the validity of the state’s reported election results.”

“Moreover, these discrepancies were a direct result of Wisconsin election officials’ willful violation of state law,” he also said.

Can anyone win on the law anymore?


One of the main issues the lawsuit brings up is voting identification laws. Under Wisconsin state law, a voter must present a valid photo ID when requesting to vote by mail. The exception to the rule is for those voters who are currently hospitalized or “indefinitely confined because of age, physical illness, or infirmity.”

According to the Thomas More Society, that law was not upheld throughout the state. The exemption was interpreted to apply to those who contracted the Wuhan coronavirus. Roughly 100,000 people took advantage of that loophole, The Epoch Times reported.


They plan to file state and federal lawsuits in six states to challenge presidential election results.

The six states are Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona.

Kline said their legal actions are being made after rigorous investigation and careful evaluation.

“As far back as is o 2019, we had concerns that novel election practices would taint the vote,” said Kline. “The pandemic and additional election changes accelerated these concerns, and our on-the-ground research over the past two weeks has made it clear that the lawsuits are essential to protect the integrity of America’s democracy.”

He named six violations that were common across the board:
  • Systematic efforts by election officials to correct defective ballots in heavily-Democratic areas but not Republican ones
  • Lack of enforcement of voter identification laws
  • Denying Republicans the ability to observe and certify ballot completion, as required by law
  • Denying Republicans the opportunity to watch mail-in ballots being trucked and unloaded at large tabulation facilities
  • Failing to check signatures on mail-in ballots and corresponding documentation
  • Refusal to release logs showing when ballots were delivered and by whom




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