Sidney Powell to Dobbs: Trump’s presidency can be saved, lawsuit tomorrow


Sidney Powell doubled down on her claims about Dominion this evening while on the phone with Lou Dobbs.  She said again that the machines and software were made in Venezuela. She added that they have used multiple shell companies and private equity groups to hide their identity.

The goal was to control elections and guarantee Hugo Chavez’s re-election. They appeared to be free and fair elections but were manipulated.

She said she is still inundated with incoming evidence of all manner of fraud and means of fraud you can think of.

Powell said she doesn’t know where their servers are but believes a couple at least are overseas, in Germany and Spain.

Someone needs to follow the money, she told Dobbs.

Ms. Powell said she will file the document tomorrow and it’s a massive document with a lot of exhibits.

It’s a clear intrusion by foreign sources, she said, and so obvious that she wonders if they didn’t expect them to find it. Perhaps this is a distraction, or, maybe the radical Dems who are behind this don’t care if they are found out.

Her case is mathematical and statistical.

When Dobbs asked if she thought Trump’s presidency could be saved, she said, “I definitely do. There’s no issue in my mind but that he was elected in an absolute landslide.”




  1. If the U.S. Supreme court does not nullify this fraudulent election of QUID PRO JOE da CHINESE HO then this country has come and has gone. This election was a sophisticated fraud, but then so are we sophisticated enough to smell the dead rat the Dems left behind and the feces of the rats who think they escaped but left their DNA. The people who arranged this fraud need to have death warrants issued by the very FBI they desecrated and corrupted. SEMPER FI, DO OR DIE

  2. Any reasonable judge faces a personal ethical dilemma if they ignore massive evidence of fraud. They risk a higher court reversing their decision and then when the fraud is fully exposed, they have a huge stain on their reputation.

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