Poll worker comes forward to tell of rampant voter fraud


Democrats and the Democrat media continually say there’s no evidence of voter fraud but there is evidence, all over the place. We live in Ingsoc and it’s 1984. In this Democrat-engendered chaos, one brave poll worker came forward to point to what she says is election fraud.

Susan Voyles is a veteran Georgia elections poll manager who submitted a sworn affidavit in a Trump campaign lawsuit against Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger.

She recounted her experience with the pristine ballots.

Voyles, who has done elections work for twenty years, describes counting an unusual “pristine” batch of absentee ballots that were cast 98% for Joe Biden. She states that the packaging containing these absentee ballots was unlabeled by the Secretary of State.

“We came to one batch- it was surprising, it was stark- having done this for years, I’m very familiar with how the ballots work, how they fold, how they feel, their general appearance- these ballots appeared as though the first one had been bubbled in by a person and all of them were replicated, exactly the same.

We were further alarmed that in our count 98% of these ballots were for Joseph R. Biden. Two were for Donald Trump. That’s a very odd count. My coworker agreed with me that there was something very unusual about these ballots.”

“Every single ballot was absolutely identical, and they appeared to be printed with some sort of marking device.”

The mail-in ballots were meant to create chaos as cover for the ballot stuffing they planned.

The big thing in my mind is several big cities stopped counting all about the same time. Hours later, slews of ballots for Biden appeared.


Another brave woman, Articia Bomer, witnessed the ballots being overwritten. She has signed an affidavit to that effect, and she too has come forward publicly.

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