Amy Klobuchar Bows Out, probably got the call


Pete Buttigieg dropped out surprisingly, after a phone call from Barack Obama. Amy Klobuchar, who had no path to the presidency, also bowed out. She just came off a nasty rally with Black Lives Matter disrupting it. Klobuchar probably got the call from Mr. Obama.

Klobuchar is taking votes from Biden as was Buttigieg. Warren takes them from Sanders so Obama would likely want her to stay in for a while, but we will see. Obama doesn’t want Bernie and is stuck with the mentally impaired puppet Joe Biden.

Mrs. Klibuchar had two sixth-place finishes in Nevada and South Carolina.

The Klobuchar campaign confirmed to ABC News that the senator is flying to Dallas to join former Vice President Joe Biden at his rally Monday night where she will suspend her campaign and endorse him.

Hours before news of her dismal finish in South Carolina, Klobuchar told reporters following a Super Tuesday rally in Richmond, Virginia, that her campaign had been approaching the race “state by state” because of lack of funding.

They were all running out of money.

“I will say, you know, South Carolina for me, the issue was we got a lot of our funding in after New Hampshire. And while we had operations and staff in South Carolina and for that matter, in Nevada, we didn’t have as big of a staff there as some of the other campaigns. Why? Because we didn’t have the funding and we’ve been basically going state by state,” Klobuchar (D-MN) said.

She is very extreme on a number of issues like abortion and gun control but wanted a more extreme version of Obamacare as opposed to Medicare For All. She was also a bit less extreme on economic issues and rural issues. That put her in the ‘moderate’ column.

Update: Pete Buttigieg will endorse Biden at a rally in Dallas Monday as they all unite behind him to stop Bernie Sanders.

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