Amy Klobuchar Is Dreadful


Matt Taibbi’s Racket article today highlights Senator Amy Klobuchar’s letter to Jeff Bezos asking for “proactive measures” to suppress sites like Substack or Rumble. It might blow a few of your fuses. It did mine.

Matt Taibbi, an honest journalist of the Left, calls Amy “…the Zelig of digital censorship.” He wrote:

“This history rushed to mind when she joined Rochester congressman Joe “Memory Hole” Morelle this week to ask Amazon how it’s “vetting” information to make sure Alexa doesn’t accidentally cite an unsafe site like Substack in response to an innocent civilian’s question.”

“Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Rep. Joe Morelle of New York are concerned that Alexa cites sources they don’t approve of — like the video site Rumble and the free speech opinion site Substack.”

Amy Klobuchar and her buddy Congressman Joe Morelle make up a thought police squad. They are anti-First Amendment.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, anti-free speech, Wikimedia Commons
They demanded answers after they saw a Washington Post story that worried them when they realized Alexa sometimes refers to Rumble and Substack as sources when answering questions:

“Asked about fraud in the race — in which Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump with 306 electoral college votes — the popular voice assistant said it was ‘stolen by a massive amount of election fraud,’ citing Rumble, a video-streaming service favored by conservatives,” the Washington Post wrote earlier this month.

“The 2020 races were ‘notorious for many incidents of irregularities and indications pointing to electoral fraud taking place in major metro centers,’ according to Alexa, referencing Substack, a subscription newsletter service. Alexa contended that Trump won Pennsylvania, citing ‘an Alexa answers contributor,’” the Post wrote.

Zero Hedge writes that he’ll work to get Klobuhar and Morelle fired! He commented on his site:

“Whether it’s NewsGuard slapping “anti-US” labels on Joe Lauria and Consortium News, or Drs. Jay Bhattacharya, Aaron Kheriaty, and Martin Kulldorff censored on multiple platforms for being right on Covid, or podcaster Alison Morrow fired from a state job for interviewing Kheriaty, or friend CJ Hopkins in Germany criminally convicted for a book cover, or the FBI asking Twitter to remove Aaron Mate for the Ukrainian Secret Police, or ballooning budget requests of “counter-disinformation” enforcement agencies, or the new jailing even of Owen Shroyer for having “helped create January 6th” with speech, or of course the forever-detention of Julian Assange, and above all the total indifference of legacy media to all of it, it’s over. I’ve lost patience. Time for a more focused approach.”

Klobuchar is so wicked that even the media got down on her.

These two would be better suited for 1939 Germany than the US. Amy is Zelig.

In their letter to Amazon, the two elected members then demanded answers to the following questions no later than Nov. 3:
  • What is Amazon’s existing policy to address the spread and amplification of election misinformation and disinformation by Alexa? What steps have been taken to improve the accuracy of information repeated by Alexa?
  • How is Amazon vetting responses from contributors, particularly responses pertaining to our elections?
  • In advance of the 2024 elections, what additional protections does Amazon intend to implement to prevent the spread of election misinformation and disinformation?
  • What procedures does Amazon make available for users or others to raise concerns or complaints of misinformation shared by Alexa?
Joe Morelle public domain photo

Klobuchar is chairwoman of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, and Morelle is the ranking member of the House Committee on House Administration.

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

Thanks for bringing regular updates on left wing attempts to deny free speech.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

Government has no legitimate role in trying to interfere in the commerce of legal businesses.