An Alarming Warning! They Will Do It Again


In this clip, Dennis Prager explains that the lockdowns were the greatest error in human history. He says we now know that in the name of health, you can suppress liberty in America. They got away with it over COV and they will do it again for global warming.

The mom and pops will be gone, replaced by large chains.

The facts are that if you are healthy, you will survive COV. The number of cases is irrelevant. Only the number of deaths matters. The people got the lockdowns in place by saying 2.2 million would die. But 600,000 died.

It’s hard to do it the first time, not the second time. They will lockdown for climate change.

This will happen again.
The clip is from last summer so the figures are wrong, but the point is valid. Do you think they will do it again for global warming?


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