An Alarming Warning! They Will Do It Again


In this clip, Dennis Prager explains that the lockdowns were the greatest error in human history. He says we now know that in the name of health, you can suppress liberty in America. They got away with it over COV and they will do it again for global warming.

The mom and pops will be gone, replaced by large chains.

The facts are that if you are healthy, you will survive COV. The number of cases is irrelevant. Only the number of deaths matters. The people got the lockdowns in place by saying 2.2 million would die. But 600,000 died.

It’s hard to do it the first time, not the second time. They will lockdown for climate change.

This will happen again.
The clip is from last summer so the figures are wrong, but the point is valid. Do you think they will do it again for global warming?


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Historic Unity Flatulence
Historic Unity Flatulence
10 months ago

Comrade Fauci didn’t alter SARS with gain of function out of a love for humanity.
The Satanists will have their global Soviet but if you read to the end there is no happy ending for the minions of the sulfur lord.

10 months ago

First, it’s a mistake to focus only on restaurants. There are countless other businesses not related that suffered through this and will be unable to recover.

Many experts were speaking up about the disaster of having whole populations confined to house arrest without the benefit of sunlight enhancing the immune system. Why is it, going back to at least the sixties, the medical profession balks at a natural approach to medicine. It seems little has changed since then, whereas “doctors” consider vitamins, etc., a part of ‘folklore’. My dad would have died decades earlier if left to “doctors”, who said he had maybe a year to live. The only health matter that is discussed is obesity, but there is considerable more to a healthy lifestyle. How many times have experts told us, Coffee is bad; Coffee is good, Wine is bad, Wine is good, and then there’s the “fat” scare.

Oftentimes we hear nothing but superficial reasoning. One thing we constantly hear is the “young” have a “strong” immune system, and, that’s it. There is no “Why”. In our county the deaths were 84% in long-term care facilities. It was all blamed on lack of protection. What is unique to the elderly in homes is the permanent lockdown conditions that exist for those people. There is no benefit of sunlight, necessary for the immune system. When will someone ask Fauci Why he takes massive doses of Vitamin D, and Why doesn’t he relate the benefits to the general public. Surely he knows something.

Keeping people under house arrest is likely the cause of many more deaths than would have otherwise been. You had people like Will Chamberlain, Steve Bannon and Jason Miller who went so far as commending Gov. Whitmer’s decision to prohibit anyone going to their second homes. Will claimed “expertise” because he “read a book” on the Spanish Flu. I guess he didn’t “read” the CDC’s conclusion from years ago where the vast majority died of bacterial, not viral pneumonia. Is this why Trump followed the advice on keeping the country locked down. It may be a huge mistake for Trump to keep highlighting his claim of saving millions of lives.

10 months ago

At first they said 6 million would die. They may be able to lock down the Blue States and Cities, but I seriously doubt that Red States will fall for a Grand Hoax again.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
10 months ago

I don’t know of it will get as bad as some think. But I do believe this pandemic was created and instituted at a certain prescribed time to affect the election and control the people and I believe they will do it again being how it worked so good. This country is in some dangerous times.