Tucker to look at 2020 election fraud on Wednesday


Tucker Carlson will reveal new evidence of “voter fraud” in the 2020 election. The news was reported by the Washington Examiner’s Deputy Editor Daniel Chaitin, and noted by Tucker on his show Monday night.

“There are some very irresponsible claims going around that in the end couldn’t be proven because they weren’t true, but there are also some claims that may be true, and it’s worth knowing,” Tucker said. “If you care about democracy, you can’t tolerate fraud, so was there voter fraud in November? Well again, on Wednesday, we are going to take a very close look at that, including some new evidence from Fulton County, Georgia.”

Watch, and while you’re at it, read on this link the shocking letter from a US attorney about Bill Barr blocking anyone from investigating:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
10 months ago

Look at this weakling Tucker, he does not know what claims were legitimate, he cites none, but he claims they were not true. That’s liberal speak. He claimed Biden won the election legitimately, without proof. That’s not reporting, that is cowardice. There is 0.0000% chance I ever watch him.

Historic Mahjong Titans Czar
Historic Mahjong Titans Czar
10 months ago

I don’t give a rat’s ass about democracy.
When 80 million people get officially tossed overboard with no voice then the democracy Kool-Aid keg is empty.

10 months ago

According to the Gateway Pundit………………VoterGA Releases Explosive New Report: Fulton County Georgia Recount Included 60% Error Reporting Rate — THOUSANDS of Fraudulent Biden Votes…….the article goes in to detail of what has been found, if true this HUGE !!!!