And the Whitmer kidnappers disappear suddenly from the news cycle


The attempted kidnapping of Governor Whitmer is falling out of the news like a rock off a cliff. What was meant to be a blockbuster hit on President Trump — OrangeManBad — and all his followers is more of an indictment of the left. However, as facts about the perpetrators fade from memory, the left will use it against the right anyway.

The left blamed Trump for this kidnapping plot, but the six men arraigned in federal court were loosely tied to Antifa, BLM, and mostly anti-Trump. None of them were anti-minorities. These men love their guns but so do Antifa and BLM. They hate the government and the police but so do Antifa and BLM. They do appear to like the Constitution which sets them apart but they were definitely not Republicans.


One of them appeared to support Black Lives Matter. He went to one of their protests because he was upset about the killing of George Floyd.

“One of the alleged plotters, 23-year-old Daniel Harris, attended a Black Lives Matter protest in June, telling the Oakland County Times he was upset about the killing of George Floyd and police violence,” the Washington Post reported.

While Governor Whitmer said the plotters heard Trump’s words as a “rallying cry,” WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE, it turns out they were either indifferent towards any party or hated Trump.

Daniel Harris’s lawyer said his client, in a brief meeting, had suggested he had voted for candidates from both parties, had not expressed a view on President Trump, and seemed to favor small government.

That was the only time Trump’s name was mentioned.

The leader of the group, Adam Fox, hated Trump. Another member, Brandon Caserta is an anarchist with an anarchist flag hanging in his room. That information came from his posts.

The left continues to call them white supremacists, but they are only correct about the ‘white’ part. They were supportive of minorities and wanted them to join with them according to their social media posts.

The group hated the government and the police.

Seven other men were arraigned on state charges for allegedly helping these men and for other alleged crimes.

All are innocent until proven guilty.

What is really sad is that Governor Whitmer is a tyrant and won’t learn a thing from this. She is destroying her own state and the livelihood of people to hurt Trump with an extreme, unnecessary lockdown. That doesn’t excuse their evil plot. In fact, they hurt themselves and everyone involved with them. They’re fools.

At least one went to a Black Lives Matter protest and he was struggling financially:

Fox, the Antifa supporter, hated Trump:

Trump didn’t inspire them. They hated him:

The only time Trump’s name was mentioned in the WaPo article is when they quoted Harris’s attorney who said he expressed indifference towards Trump:


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