Chris Wallace has a serious amnesia problem when it comes to Biden


This is stunning. When Chris Wallace moderated the Biden-Trump debate he was argumentative, never required Biden to ask any simple question, and protected Biden from all scrutiny. He also debated President Trump.

As we’ve said at the Sentinel, Wallace would not press Biden to answer whether he would pack the Supreme Court. It’s an extremely important question. Packing the Court will literally take down the Republic and our Bill of Rights.

When the President tried to get Biden to answer, Wallace forced him off the question.

Of course, Biden said they would have the most transparent administration ever.

Wallace has now done an about-face and is frustrated that Biden won’t answer the very question he wouldn’t press him on during the debate.

Chris Wallace called out Biden for dodging on Court-packing. He said was ‘foolish’ and ‘impossible’ for him not to go on record before the election.”

Wallace will apparently say anything. He’s not a reporter, he’s an activist.



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