Andrew Cuomo resigns as NY governor over ‘unlawful’ sexual harassment


Two more women called the New York Attorney General we learned yesterday to complain of sexual abuse by Andrew Cuomo. Another complainant also filed a criminal complaint on Friday.

Former Governor Cuomo resigned over these complaints and a report by the NY AG who found he violated state and federal sexual harassment laws. Attorney General Letitia James said she believed the multiple women (now 13) who accused him of creating a hostile work environment. She found the harassment and retaliation unlawful. In one case, he is accused of retaliating against the former employee.

Cuomo denied some of the complaints.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said he is investigating the criminal complaint against him. The State legislature is planning impeachment proceedings.

The New York Times noted he was praised for his performance during the pandemic. They didn’t bother to mention his responsibility in the deaths of thousands of seniors with COV. His policies helped seed the facilities and he covered up the number of deaths. Leftist Democrats are burying that information.

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul will take over as governor. She is seemingly as culpable of far-left policies and poor pandemic response as he is.

Cuomo was a bully and a thug leftist throughout his tenure, but New York will likely get someone worse. New York City is overwhelmingly communist and socialist now and they have the numbers in terms of population.

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