Proud Boys & Antifa battled violently in the streets – police were nowhere


Portland is now a third-world city with violence nightly, and regular violent clashes between communist/fascist Antifa and right-wing Proud Boys. Antifa goes looking for trouble and decided to violently attack a prayer group over the weekend. The violence continued into Monday night.

Shocking videos from Portland showed skirmishes between Anti-fascists and alleged Proud Boys members. Both sides seemingly launched fireworks and flashbangs at one another down a city street.

The events carried on past nightfall without any officer response despite being blocks away from a police station.

Police are gravely short-staffed and are not supported by the city council. When they intervene, the city council always takes the side of Antifa who accuse the police of wrongdoing every chance they get. The police officers risk their jobs and their freedom if they respond. In addition, they are often told to stand down by the Democrats in charge.

The Proud Boys are filling the vacuum

Members of the Proud Boys group reportedly attempted to close off an intersection to allow Christian worshippers who had come to attend an event on the waterfront organized by “Let Us Worship” rally leader Sean Feucht.

Once the families in attendance were gone, videos show confrontations continuing. Antifa members in black bloc attire wearing helmets and holding shields deploy mace and some sort of gas. Fireworks explode in the streets, as Proud Boys fire paintball guns back at the other side.

The prayer group did not back down and Mr. Feucht said one Antifa member was even saved.

There are shootings every night for the most part. We are posting some of the very shocking videos but there are many more on Twitter. Some were posted by Antifa.

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