Andrew Gillum’s new statement strains credulity


The story surrounding Andrew Gillum is a bit sordid. His male escort friend almost died as he vomited in a bathroom. Police found him half-naked babbling incoherently and rushed his dying friend to the hospital where he is now recovering. His overdosing friend was naked as was another man in the room.

There was strong evidence of sexual behavior and meth was found in the room. The escort who almost died was on meth.

It appeared to be a drug-fueled sex romp or orgy.

Gillum claims he was just drunk, but we will never know since the police let him go. That brings us to last night when he issued a new statement.

As people were busy watching the debate between the two old white leftists, Gillum said he fell into a depression after he lost the gubernatorial race and started drinking. After a long talk with his family, he realized he needs help. So, he will go into rehab.

He should be cured in no time and will soon appear back on CNN to trash Republicans and President Trump.

As you can see, he wants you to believe he’s an innocent. Meanwhile, no mention of the meth since he already insisted he was only drunk. There is no comment about the gay orgy since he was just getting help from his gay, naked friends after he became ill at a a non-existent wedding party.

All that came to mind for me is Florida dodged a bullet and what a shame for his poor wife and children.

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