‘AM Joy’ guest says Fox is killing people, viewers are brainwashed


Hate-filled MSNBC analyst Eric Boehlert claimed that Fox News has been “getting people killed for years” during a segment on the far-left “AM Joy” Sunday morning. The so-called analyst, a plant from Shareblue, the Soros-Brock organization, basically said Fox watchers are not able to think for themselves.

Boehlert’s claim came a discussion about the novel coronavirus, which has continued to spread across the world. It all began after host Joy Reid pointed to an article  by Margaret Sullivan, who demanded Fox News “tell the truth about coronavirus.”

They want the unmeasured hysterical response we get from the other channels.

“Anyone waiting for Rupert Murdoch to do the right thing will be waiting a very, very long time, after someone who has watched him for 20 years,” Boehlert said. “Look, Fox News has been getting people killed for years, just look at the crusade against affordable health care, their crusade against expanding Medicaid. This is not unusual for them. It’s far more dire.”

Do you see what’s he’s doing, if you don’t go along with their far-left ideas, you are “killing people.”

After saying Fox was a “cancer” on society, he condemned all the Trump supporters and Fox watchers as naive dupes.

“Their programming is to vilify, stir hatred and paranoia and if a pandemic is the backdrop, they’re gonna do it,” according to Boehlert. “This is textbook brainwashing. So, the problem is when people watch Fox News, the hardcore viewers, they don’t watch it with an a la carte menu.”

You need to know who Eric Boehlert is. Eric Boehlert is a writer at Shareblue, the Soros-Brock website. Prior to this he was a senior writer for communist Salon for five years, and before that a contributing editor to hard-left Rolling Stone.

Fox has urged the same caution that the CDC recommends.


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