Former top cop asks what if virus hysteria it to “destabilize the country”


While coronavirus must be taken seriously, the leftists in the media and a certain political party are exploiting the opportunity. Doing so, instead of helping the President, shows what they really are and what really matters to them.


Former top cop in New York City Bernie Kerik tweeted that he wonders why he feels the hysteria surrounding the [Wuhan Foreign Chinese] coronavirus “is being created to destabilize the country, and destroy the unparalleled and historic economic successes of President” Donald Trump?

He then cited the deaths worldwide this season from the new virus, which are 2,360, the cold/flu which is 69,602, and HIV at 240,950.

What if the hysteria is more than that? What if it’s to also seriously harm capitalism in the West? It is destroying the successes of the President and it has the potential to seriously damage capitalism.

The people furthering the hysteria and exploiting a bad situation are leftists. It’s not that we would for a minute suggest you not follow the guidelines of the CDC. Of course, you should. However, there is plenty of food and toilet paper in the country and the hysteria around cleaning out stores is outsized to say the least.

The fears surrounding Covid-19 could be realized if the worst case scenario comes to pass, but we have every reason to believe that will not happen. Definitely stay home if you can, especially if you are elderly or have underlying conditions.

Follow the CDC website, not the loons on cable.

When you see Nancy Pelosi fill up an emergency aid package with leftist agenda items that have nothing to do with the virus, you have to wonder if Mr. Kerik isn’t correct.

The media is pushing China’s propaganda and trying to take down the U.S. president. The media is using this to make the President look like a poor leader and they are doing it with lies. What are we to think?


Yesterday, the President held a National Day of Prayer and the leftists went wild, objecting, railing, and cursing. What is wrong with them?

This little creep is still blathering:

Crazy reverend:

Typical Dem:

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