Andrew McCabe Tells the DOJ on TV to Obstruct the House Probe


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is investigating Joe Biden’s document scandal. The documents found in his office, home, and garage included top-secret information. Andrew McCabe, having set a precedent of obstructing while serving in the DOJ, wants them to obstruct the House probe.

The disgraced former FBI deputy director and CNN analyst Andrew McCabe told the Biden Justice Department to obstruct that investigation of Congress.

“Well, I think that DOJ will likely – I certainly would advise them, if they were willing to listen to my advice, I would advise them to take a very hard line against that.

“There is a clear precedent here of not sharing information, from an ongoing criminal investigation, with Congress. And I think the DOJ is in a very strong position to resist on those grounds.

“Who knows what comes of that resistance? Maybe DOJ leadership will start getting subpoenaed. And ultimately, that fight will end up in the courts.”

This corrupt former DOJ official is telling the DOJ to refuse to cooperate in an investigation they are involved in. It’s based on precedents the corrupt Obama DOJ set.

It’s not just Joe Biden who mishandled documents; the DOJ kept it a secret before the election.

They’ll investigate themselves and find themselves innocent as they did in Benghazi, Uranium One, and others.

Likely, they wouldn’t cooperate anyway, but McCabe is on cable justifying it. Barack Obama used to pull these stunts. Obama and Biden have corrupted the agencies, and they are no longer independent.

The precedent that really matters is corruption in our agencies and Oval Office.

After the DOJ finds no wrongdoing, their operatives on TV will cover for them. The agency that repeatedly obstructed investigations, claims Donald Trump, J6 protesters, and others are obstructing justice. They accuse others of what they are doing.

This is galling, and Anderson Cooper didn’t question this at all:

Hillary Clinton can always find a way to tie it all to Russia:

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