Andrew Yang’s Credits Rise After He Cries Over Gun Violence


It’s hard to understand how anyone can take 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang seriously, but they do. His spiel includes his personal story of feeling different as a “skinny Asian kid” as if we all don’t have a story like that. He also likes to talk about the victimization of women and climate change. There is nothing new or different in his ideas which are all tax and spend in the end.

Yang says as president he will give $1,000 to every American, including millionaires. That’s ridiculous.

He wants to develop a new U.S. currency called a “Digital Social Credit” that could be exchanged for real dollars. His family is from Taiwan, but this sounds like a big think from Shanghai. Of course, he wants free health care for all, abortion whenever for whatever reason, and citizenship for all.

This presidential candidate is taking a stand against circumcision! He would establish a public policy on it. He is looking for support from the “intactivists”—an oddball fringe group that desires to keep penises “intact.”

“I’m highly aligned with the intactivists,” Yang said. “History will prove them even more correct.”

Inactivists, Yang’s group

When a parent told a story of her 4-year old child shot to death at the Everytown forum, he cried. It is a terrible story and we are very sorry for this family, but before the mother even told her story, he started to gear up to cry. People call him a real person, but he looks phony to us.

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