Angry mob descends on Chad Wolf’s home


An angry mob of ‘protesters’ descended on the home of acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf. A lady with a megaphone shouted that “we are NOT an angry mob” while sounding angry with a mob.

“This man lives here quietly and is able to live just like us, and we need to do something about that,” shouted the lady.

The lady believes they must make life “uncomfortable” for people in the Trump administration.

It’s good she’s not angry.

“We are angry neighbors,” she shouts. It’s good they’re not a mob, just neighbors gathered like a mob disturbing a man in his home. That’s not a mob at all.

If you disagree with this far-left woman, you must be punished.



  1. Why is it that the mouthiest, loudest and most threatening of these individuals are females? And are ALL either divorced or have never been married, smell like moldy old cheese and couldn’t get laid in a prison reserved only for extreme male sex offenders.

  2. How dare you! How do you know they are females? They could be some other non-specific-sex-not-yet-identified. There are SO many choices and opportunities to be ‘special’ and ‘different’, they can’t really chose. B ut…it’s OK, if they don’t like it this way…next week they’l like it that way….??Anyway – you MIGHT be making a big guess at to WHAT they really are……..

  3. They are blocking the road, that it illegal. Law enforcement fails the nation again.

    Notice that no one is at Bill Barr’s house. That’s because DHS, not DOJ, has led the effort to save the cities. Barr stood down again, that is what he does for a living.

    Notice that Bill Barr has not defended the techniques used to arrest criminals by DHS. That’s the opposite of leadership.

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