Biden’s “peaceful protesters” in Richmond


Biden’s “peaceful protesters,” aka commie youth, set fire to a city dump truck as they confronted police in Virginia’s capital during a “demonstration” in support of ‘protesters’ in Portland, Oregon.

Virginia State Police and Richmond police said they worked to clear the crowd of several hundred demonstrators late Saturday that had ripped down police tape and moved forward with lasers and firecrackers.

Lasers were used to blind three federal officers, possibly permanently in Portland.

Richmond Police Department said Sunday that six men among the protesters were arrested and face various charges, including unlawful assembly, rioting with a firearm, and assault on a law enforcement officer.

The “Richmond Stands with Portland” ‘protest’ was planned for days.

Virginia State Police said in a tweet that ‘protesters’ ripped down police tape and had lasers and firecrackers, then retreated and dispersed about 15 minutes after the agency “deployed chemical irritants.”

Police tweeted a photo of rocks, batteries, and other items the department said were thrown at its officers during the protest. A video also showed an officer extinguishing a mattress on fire in the middle of a road.

Glass windows were also shattered at a Chipotle restaurant and a Virginia Commonwealth University dorm, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

Why does the media insist on calling these rioters and criminals ‘protesters?’



  1. Even Trump is pointing out Fox News for their coverage.Today they spent more time on Regis than the Fact That America Is Burning. I suspect they believe their Own polls and want to be in “good standing” with the future Biden presidency.

  2. EVERY SINGLE DEM. (who is NOT stopping the PLUNDERING & DESTRUCTION), must be ARRESTED, TRIED in Court, AND PROSECUTED to “the enth degree”!!

    In FACT they, (EACH DEM. leader & PARTY AGENT ) must PAY for the clean up, of EVERY STATE, or CITY, that they personally allowed to be DESECRATED, DESTROYED, PLUNDERED, & ILLEGALLY ASSAULTED!!!…BEFORE they’re tried for their OTHER CRIMES!!


    Especially the thugs MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the harm, destruction, pain & lose that they assaulted their “STATE & CITY” PROTECTORS with — (POLICE — FEDERAL MARSHALL’S — & NATIONAL GUARDS UNITS!! AND ALSO! HOMELAND SECURITY TEAMS)!!

    AND! ALL of this MUST BE DONE, (or paid for) WITHIN 6 MONTHS!!! OR! As RAPIDLY & EFFECTIVELY as possible!!!

  3. These riots are designed to intimidate voters and suppress the Trump vote. They are a new form of Commicrat voter fraud. These same criminal will stuff the ballot boxes with votes they have forced from people by force and intimidation.

  4. The Main sewer Stream fake Media continue, as they have done for the past forty odd years, to disseminate the carrion swill propaganda of their “handlers”…and as far as “news” is concerned they are as useless as “tits on a bull” and even the National Enquirer and The Sun has surpassed them in the relevance department over the past ten years…Obama many years ago told a huge audience basically that they were stupid…and should leave things to the “politicians”…and heaped praise on the coming New World Order…He was right about one thing…they were too stupid…and many still are…but leave it to the “politicians”…hope there are enough people left that ARE NOT that stupid…

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