It happened again! 5th Avenue BLM mural desecrated


Communist Mayor Bill de Blasio, whose real name is Warren Wilhelm, will be greatly displeased by this latest vandalism of the BLM lettering opposite the Trump Tower. However, he has endless taxpayer funds to keep redoing it. The gentleman who decorated the lettering with white paint wore an NYPD tee.

The police monitoring it (there are 8 per shift) took their time arresting the culprit.

The lettering, which de Blasio inaccurately calls a mural, represents a Marxist movement funded by George Soros.


De Blasio is a despicable human being who ripped into the Yankees for asking President Trump to throw out the first pitch.

The mayor slammed the New York Yankees for inviting “hatred to your pitcher’s mound” by allowing President Trump to throw out the first pitch at Yankee Stadium next month.

“After CONDEMNING racism, the next step isn’t inviting it to your pitcher’s mound,” de Blasio tweeted Saturday.

“To the execs that have aligned with hatred, you are on the wrong side of history and morality,” he added.

The President is not a racist.

De Blasio praised the Yankees for kneeling to the BLM god.

President Trump graciously pulled out of throwing the pitch, saying he’s too busy with the virus.

Communists like de Blasio cannot give a real Amerian a moment’s peace or fun. So, we hope they keep destroying that ungodly lettering on Fifth Avenue.



  1. What if everyone walking along this street were carrying a quart or a gallon of paint and ‘accidentally’ spilled it all over the lettering. “Oops…top came offf and I dropped it…sorry”.

  2. Have watched these despicable creatures, starting with Hillary and Barry in mid 2016, via their calumny and detraction, a la Alinsky, using their complicit lackeys in the Main sewer Stream fake Media, transpose their “hatred” to their enemies, Trump and conservatives. The fact that a great many of the population actually “sucked it up”, despite blaring examples as to what they were doing ( and are STILL doing), is a very sad commentary on their collective cognitive abilities…which appear to be non existent…

  3. It is still very difficult for me to accept the undoing of America that Bill DeBlasio not only represents but actually takes action on…jolly

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