Animal Rights Extremist Nasim Aghdam Named as YouTube Shooter


Police have confirmed the suspected shooter in Tuesday’s incident at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California was Nasim Najafi Aghdam, a 39-year-old female resident of San Diego. She was a vegan born in Iran and spoke Farsi and Turkish.

The California woman was an animal activist, considered extreme in her views and was a YouTube personality.

Nasim Adjafi Aghdam was angry with YouTube for censoring her videos and went to the main headquarters Tuesday at about 12:46 p.m. She went in shooting, wearing a headscarf. Four people were hurt, two were critically injured, three were shot. A 36-year old man was shot in the lower body and is in critical condition.

She went outside the building and shot herself to death.

There is no evidence she knew the victims. She attacked at random, women and men.

Nasim had been missing for days. She was found asleep in her vehicle the night before and her father said he warned police she was angry with YouTube and might do something. That was after he realized she was near YouTube headquarters.

Nasim at a Peta protest

She was used as the source of a story for the LA Times about a Peta protest at Camp Pendleton decrying the use of pigs in trauma training.

YouTube Personality

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