Anne Frank Statue Is Covered Up and Draped in Palestinian Flags


The Anne Frank statue near the museum in Amsterdam is desecrated. The Palestinian message, flawed as it is, is everywhere in the West.

Officials covered the statue up after repeated vandalism. Instead of putting police on it and arresting offenders, they caved.

The West is weak.

Anne Frank murals were damaged in Italy last year. An Anne Frank memorial in Idaho was defaced in 2020. The message on the Anne Frank statue outside the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights is disturbing. “Nazis, We Are Everywhere.” Something similar happened on Long Island last summer.

The haters say they are Nazis.

An article in The Jordan Times by Aseel Ghaben titled Anne Frank House from a Palestinian Perspective might have the answer. He believes that Palestinians are “victims of a racist Zionist ideology.”

Ghaben said the story of Anne Frank would touch “any human’s heart.” Then he added that Shimon Peres toured the museum and then spoke. He then wrote:

When I heard his speech, all the grief in my heart turned to rage. I wanted to stand up and shout so all the tourists there could also hear my voice.

I imagined myself making this speech: “This man is such a hypocrite. His people were once subjected to racism, but his country is still doing the same thing to us. We, Palestinians, are the victims of a racist Zionist ideology. We have thousands of Anne Frank houses. Any tourist is welcome to visit.

They always draw equivalency and say they are the real victims.

“Our equivalent for this house are refugee camps located in Palestine and also in many neighboring countries. The main difference is that visiting them could endanger one’s safety.

“We may not guarantee to you all the facilities offered here, like heating in winter and cooling in summer. If you visit in winter, rain will flood the camps and open sewage is washed into people’s houses. If you visit in summer, you may have a sunstroke.

Palestinians are raised from early childhood to hate Israel and America. They voted Hamas into power, and their charter has one mission: destroy Israel.

They are used by Iran.

Biden wants to bring these angry people here and will do it. He plans to give them benefits, housing, and a path to citizenship. They will undoubtedly become part of the Democrat Voting Bloc.

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