Hamas’s Numbers Are Unconfirmed for 1/3rd of the Deceased


You won’t be shocked to know that Gaza’s Health Ministry, run by Hamas, can’t come up with the names of more than 10,000 of the alleged 34,000 who have died.

On April 24, they released this graphic:

Four days later, the Wall Street Journal confirmed. They used Hamas numbers and photos.

“We think that, unfortunately, it is reliable. And I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the end, it is an underestimate,” Rik Peeperkorn, the World Health Organization’s representative for the West Bank and Gaza, said of health authorities’ count of the dead in the enclave.

They “think” is the operative word. Israel’s Ministry said they killed 11,000 to 13,000 Hamas and other militants.

Hamas was getting the numbers of dead from the hospital until Israeli military operations disrupted communications. Then, they got the information from “reliable media sources.”

As of April 21, 10,152 records are considered “incomplete.” That we know of!

Economist Michael Spagat, who defended the ministry’s methods, found 3,407 records with errors in a dataset the ministry released at the end of March. These include duplicate records, records with invalid or missing ID numbers, and records that give no age for the deceased.

Spagat found that if one looked only at the complete records, “then the percentage of women and children drops to 53.3 percent,” as opposed to the 70 percent or more the ministry has often claimed—although it began to back off that assertion in early April. The WSJ now says the data doesn’t back up the numbers.

The numbers are increasingly inaccurate.

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