Anon Twitter account destroys literary agent for posting on gab and Parler


Colleen Oefelein, a former agent at The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, was fired after Twitter users, or at least one user, complained that she was using big tech platforms Gab and Parler.

This is a literary agency!

The YA Whispers account is a Nazi-like anon that posts attacks on agents. The account also DMs gossip or whatever. It’s very unethical, and that’s fine with Jack Dorsey and his crowd.


The account YA Whispers tagged The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency and quote tweeted one of Oefelein’s tweet threads from November 2020 where she announced:

“I’m now also posting on Parler. It’s a great platform with no censorship! Giving away a few critiques there next week. Come find me.”

YA Whispers branded Gab and Parler “alt-right” and asked The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency whether it knows or cares that one of their agents frequents these platforms.


On the same day, the agency’s president and founder, Jennifer De Chiara responded to the tweet, thanked YA Whispers, and revealed that Oefelein had been fired.

In a series of follow-up tweets, De Chiara wrote that the agency was “distressed to discover this morning, January 25th, that one of our agents has been using the social media platforms Gab and Parler. We do not condone this activity, and we apologize to anyone who has been offended or affected by this.”

Condone what activity? Posting on Twitter and Gab?

If anyone is offended, you can be destroyed. We no longer have free speech.

What makes it worse is how is this woman ever going to get another job? This is a deliberate attempt to destroy Ms. Oefelein. Were there other Twitter users who complained? If there were, were they bots? This anon is likely working for a larger enterprise, funded by the hard-left. They want all opponents destroyed, and they definitely don’t want them influencing the press or the media.



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