Anonymous Chinese Nationals Pour In Through the Darien Gap


Judging from the bipartisan inaction to the invasion at our border, I’ve sometimes wondered if we have surrendered to China. There are reasons to believe it.

Muckraker is on the ground with Michael Yon. Watch his original videos linked below. They show an endless stream of anonymous Chinese men of fighting age coming to the US, many through the Darien Gap. They are increasingly pouring into our country unabated. is exposing the invasion that our media ignores. One article on the site shows an invasion map given out by the Red Cross.

We have been told the Darien Gap was closed. It is a lie. Border Patrol reports record numbers of Chinese Nationals are coming through the Gap.

Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas is the person who opened up the Darien Gap, even while knowing it was a shortcut for terrorists. He said it would allow for safer travel through the jungle.

In September 2021, Panama foreign minister Erika Mouynes said that she warned the Biden administration the Darien Gap is the preferred route for terrorists. Panama authorities have already caught terrorists who were likely headed for the US.

It’s also a route for our enemies from much of the world.

Andrew Arthur, an author at The Center for Immigration Studies, reported this month:

DHS published a “Trilateral Joint Statement” yesterday with Panama and Colombia detailing an agreement between the three countries to stem illegal migration through the notorious “Darien Gap.” It’s questionable whether their efforts will succeed, but regardless U.S. taxpayers will be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid and public benefits.

Todd Bensman has spent extended periods there as part of the Center’s in-country investigations of illegal migration to the United States. He has described the gap as a “notoriously untamed … jungle passage between Colombia and Panama”, through which “a record 10,000 extra-continental migrants from around the world poured” in the month of May 2021 alone.

The UN has reported that 133,000 migrants crossed the gap in 2021 and nearly twice as many (almost 250,000) in FY 2022. Those are records, but they likely won’t stand for long because, according to the Wall Street Journal in March, “49,291 people from as near as Haiti and as far away as China have crossed the Darien” in January and February alone.

Most, or all, are heading for the southwest border and Biden’s “catch and release” policies.


We have non-stop illegal immigration of Chinese men of fighting age. Go to this clip and watch the lines of Chinese illegal aliens heading for the US. Also, look at this link. Buses leave the Darien Gap all day and night to head for the United States. They are all unvetted, and many are Chinese people. This goes on day and night. allowed me to post these clips:

A video from Muckraker shows Chinese TikTok discussing America’s impending collapse and waning influence abroad – on this link. In another clip from Muckraker, he shows a picture of two billboards, one above the other. One billboard pushes “Agenda 2030 and can be seen as clear as day in Panama City. No coincidence here. The globalists behind Agenda 2030 are the same ones facilitating the invasion of the U.S.”

Michael Yon posted snapshots of rape kits paid for by the US taxpayer so aliens can get raped more safely.


Ask yourself why all these military-age Chinese men are suddenly coming to the USA in droves. That doesn’t look like they’re on a mission to you?! They buy up tons of properties all near our military bases, and then thousands of military-age men start crossing in illegally.


We no longer have a country. We have a flag, and some history, a line on a map we call a border, but that’s about it. We are toast. The elites have sold us out. Hard to believe just 50 years ago, we landed men on the Moon multiple times.


Many (alarmingly) shield their identity as quickly as muscle memory could allow.

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