Mayorkas Opens Up a Route Favored by Terrorists Coming Illegally


President Joe Biden’s border chief has opened a new route for the global illegal aliens seeking jobs and housing in the United States. Instead of protecting the homeland, he’s allowing throngs of people to come in illegally from one of the most dangerous areas in the world.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas opened up the new route. It allows people coming illegally to travel to the US in two days through the Darien Gap. It had taken ten days.

In September 2021, Panama foreign minister Erika Mouynes said that she warned the Biden administration the Darien Gap is the preferred route for terrorists. Panama authorities have already caught terrorists who were likely headed for the US.

The administration is knowingly making it easier for terrorists to come through.

Currently, at least 40% coming in are from 150 countries. They’ve already caught 66 terrorists.


The faster route uses boats to carry roughly 1,500 migrants per day from ports in Columbia around the deadly Darien Gap trail and up to ports in Panama, according to Todd Bensman, a former intelligence official. He now works with the Center for Immigration Studies.

It’s also a fast route for terrorists from the Middle East.

Bensman said the new boat-and-bus route allows faster but very dangerous travel from South America, the Caribbean, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East to the United States.

Biden’s progressives deputies — led by border chief Alejandro Mayorkas — are opening the new routes to help more of those wishing to come to the U.S. illegally, even for unidentifiable migrants who hide their real identity, he said.

Darien Gap, dangerous jungles, unfriendly natives, and terrorists. Haiti is emptying out via the Gap.
The government claims if you make it nice for them to come, they’ll be safe. However, that route is still very dangerous. people will still die there.

The migrants are delivered to small ports further along Panama’s Caribbean coast. After that, government-funded buses take them to towns in Panama. They travel north through Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico. Many migrants rely on aid stations run by progressive groups. The travel is usually funded by the United Nations (our enemy) and the U.S. government (taxpayer). We are paying for our own demise.

If they reach the U.S. border, the vast majority of Darien Gap migrants are welcomed by Mayorkas’s deputies. They are then released to U.S. employers who rush to hire them instead of better-paid Americans. It’s usually minorities and immigrants who are hurt the most in this scenario.

The new route opened after Mayorkas visited the Darien Gap area in April. That was after the Panama Foreign Minister warned him terrorists were coming through that route.

The future illegal aliens get 7-day visas in Guatemala and have to self-deport, and they self-deport to Mexico and then the USA.

Listen to Bensman in Bo SNerdley yesterday:

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