Another $4.5B to Ukraine After They Tried to Lure Us Into War


The U.S. announced another $4.5B in support to Ukraine. The funds are to keep their services going, but they forgot to mention it’s also funding their government workers. They also ignore the fact that Ukraine tried to trick us into joining their war and potentially starting World War III just days ago.

Last week, Biden sent $400 million in weapons to Ukraine to keep this war going.

The flow of money to this corrupt nation never stops.

This disgusting regime cut the pay and benefits of 60,000 Guard and Reserve soldiers who wouldn’t take the experimental vaccines.

At the same time, Musk’s Twitter allows videos of purported war crimes by Ukrainians to show up on Twitter. We haven’t seen them in months. I can’t say if they are legitimate, but you should be able to watch them and decide for yourself.

Ukraine also puts up videos claiming Russian war crimes.

These are very graphic. Please don’t watch if you can’t handle it. Our $4.5B is going to continue these horrors. Mr. Zelensky won’t negotiate.

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3 days ago

The NYT confirmed those particular videos. There are many more graphic scenes of surrendered Russian soldiers being shot. You will see UAF soldiers walking around those lying on the ground and being shot in the head. Then they laugh about it. It’s why some on the Telegram channels are stressing Russian soldiers should never surrender. The enemy cannot be trusted.

4 days ago

If the US doesn’t cut off money to Ukraine, then maybe it’s time to go to War with the Beltway starting with sanctions like no food or energy.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
4 days ago

Funding Ukraine is part of DC’s destroy America program. Both parties anxiously support that program. Levin loves it, he is a genius, the viewers are enthralled.

John Vieira
4 days ago

Oh give us a break…The corruption emanates from the present administration…and the CIA controlled Ukranian despots…