Another Chelsea Clinton Dumber-Than-Dirt Moment for Posterity


What you will see next is either Chelsea Clinton’s worst response ever or it’s not a joke and she’s dumber than dirt. She’s perfect for office as a Democrat either way. Actually, Meghan McCain said last week that Chelsea is similar to Caroline Kennedy. We all remember Caroline’s interview with her her responses to questions preceded by, “ya know, ya know”.

Andrew Lofholm, a TV reporter for wptv, tweeted out a meme on an invite to a Lincoln Day dinner with a MAGA hat on Abe Lincoln. Chelsea responded. What do you think she was thinking?

Here’s the original tweet. We posted the screenshot in case it’s eventually deleted.

Listen to Meghan McCain talk about Chelsea and compare her to Caroline Kennedy on Fox News’s Outnumbered. The panel was discussing the Lifetime Impact award Chelsea was getting. At one point, Harris asked Meghan what she thought of Chelsea — Meghan has met her. When asked what it’s like, Meghan said, “Chelsea is not my favorite person”, has gotten a “free media pass all her life”, and if she runs, “she might eventually have to answer some tough questions in an interview”. Meghan predicts “she will end up like Caroline Kennedy” whose interviews were so “horrible”, she “ended up not even running”.

Remembering Caroline Kennedy:

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