Soros-Driven Assault! Jared Kushner to Speak with Senate Intel Committee


The fake Russia story is being driven by the Democrat Party, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Soros and his crew. They are trying to drag everyone in the Trump administration into the sewer. Jared Kushner did what many if not most CEOs of international businesses do and spoke with Russians.

Please note that all Russian businessmen are tied to the State party and President Putin. U.S. businesses are allowed to do business with Russia.

The latest nonsense, which is being blown up by the likes of George Soros and Think Progress, is that President Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner met once with the head of a Russian bank that was hit with sanctions by the Obama administration.  It was reported first by the NY Times.

Think Progress has gone a step further to say that because the bank was linked to a spy ring, Kushner is linked to espionage.

At the time he met with the bank, Kushner was CEO of Kushner Companies, a real estate empire. Nothing came of it. It was a meeting.

The Soros minions are also trying to demonize Kushner for having dealt with the Chinese government. There wasn’t even a deal made according to the Chinese.

Meanwhile Obama approved the sale of innumerable U.S. properties to the Chinese government and he allowed our US uranium mine to be sold to the Russians.

Hillary and Bill Clinton presided over the worst scandal in U.S. history and it involved the Chinese Communist government. You won’t hear that mentioned.

Kushner sold his stake in Kushner businesses. The left is trying to say that is not good enough.

Kushner also met once with the now-infamous Russian ambassador but didn’t disclose it because he thought it inconsequential. Think Progress is also saying the ambassador is a spy, but what they won’t mention is all the times Democrats met with the Russian ambassador. He’s the ambassador!

In fact, Samantha Power invited the Russian ambassador for Thanksgiving dinner.

We are in the midst of a revolution – political, economic, and cultural. There is even a war against religion. The Marxists have taken over the Democrat Party and they will not give up power which is why they are now so out in the open. They believe they can get away with it and the ignorant populace won’t figure it out.

The purpose of Obama spending wildly was to build the welfare state and crash the system. Political correctness, identity politics, the fake war on women, handing out freebies, making healthcare and everything else a right, income inequality, taking over colleges, shutting down free speech, redefining terms like racism, belittling whites, social justice, open borders, felons voting, are neo-communism, or if you like calling it socialism or progressivism, call it that. They are all statism and the only difference is the degree and speed at which they act with some difference in approach.

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