Another court shoots down Biden’s systemically racist policy


A Tennessee judge trashed another anti-white Biden policy. The constitution is pretty clear on racism and equality under the law, but Biden’s handlers aren’t much on following the law.

The farm loan forgiveness program for just about everyone except white farmers went down in flames again.

The judge issued a nationwide injunction since it’s the only way to stop it.

Democrats started the judicial rule over the nation and now they suffer the consequences of it.


The July 8th decision buttresses earlier defeats for the Biden administration’s race-based farm aid program. In June, a Wisconsin judge put a halt to the program.

Milwaukee District Judge William Griesbach issued a temporary restraining order, noting the White farmers “are likely to succeed on the merits of their claim” that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) “use of race-based criteria in the administration of the program violates their right to equal protection under the law,” according to NBC News.

“The obvious response to a government agency that claims it continues to discriminate against farmers because of their race or national origin is to direct it to stop: it is not to direct it to intentionally discriminate against others on the basis of their race and national origin,” Griesbach continued.

Biden’s racist USDA said it disagreed with the restraining order!

“We respectfully disagree with this temporary order and USDA will continue to forcefully defend our ability to carry out this act of Congress and deliver debt relief to socially disadvantaged borrowers,” a USDA spokesperson told Fox News. “When the temporary order is lifted, USDA will be prepared to provide the debt relief authorized by Congress.”



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  2. The only systemic racism in America is by the Federal Government against White People, specifically White men.

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