Michigan AG will use police to find 2020 election doubters


Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel is abusing her power again with the blessing of the tyrannical Governor Whitmer.

She is using State Police to seek out those who say there was election fraud in 2020. She claims she’s looking for those who make money from it which would mean anyone who has a website or possibly an organization.

“The Michigan Attorney General’s office said Thursday it will investigate allegations that people are profiting off of false claims that the November 2020 presidential election was stolen,” News Channel 3 reported.

This is absolutely a political persecution. Allegedly, Republicans want it done.

“The announcement comes in response to the majority-Republican Senate Oversight Committee and chair Ed McBroom.”

They “requested the Attorney General’s office look into people who may be raising money or publicity for themselves off of the disproven claims,” the report states. “McBroom concluded after a months-long investigation that there was no widespread fraud in Michigan’s presidential election.”

The State of Michigan is even tapping law enforcement to track down those who disagree that the state election results were ‘free, fair and legitimate.’

The state claims there were 250 election audits, and there was no fraud, period. However, there are thousands of affidavits, submitted by state residents, requesting an independent election audit.

“Attorney General spokesperson Lynsey Mukomel said in a statement the office had accepted the committee and McBroom’s request to investigate, and that the Michigan State Police will also be ‘assisting in the matter’,” the news channel’s report noted.

This doesn’t sound legal to us.


Tucker Carlson remarked on Nessel’s abuse of power in March after a restaurant owner tried to remain open. The owner fled communism.

“Dana Nessel is out of control. She is an ideologue, she cares only about partisan advantage,” he said. “She should be impeached by the Michigan legislature for her many abuses of power. She’s that corrupt. But she’s also a bit of a dim bulb. Not a super genius. That’s why, when she was asked why she put Marlena Pavlos-Hackney in jail, Nessel actually admitted the real reason. She didn’t make up some fake legal principle.”

“She said straightforwardly that Marlena Pavlos-Hackney had dared to come on this show at 8:00 PM and complain about her,” he remarked. “That’s no longer allowed. To compound the offense, Pavlos-Hackney tried to raise money for her own legal defense. That, too, is now a crime in Dana Nessel’s Michigan.”

They took her away in shackles in the wee hours of the morning.


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