Another German Town Bans Refugees After Surge in Crime


Screenshot Cottbus

The migrant-loaded college city of Cottbus, Germany has banned new refugees temporarily as the warfare between migrants and anti-migrant groups grows. They are not the first. Salzgitter, Delmenhorst and Wilhelmshaven have instituted similar bans.

A new study in Germany finds that most of the surge in crimes is migrant against migrant, but not exclusively.

Since 2015, 3,000 migrants/refugees have taken up residence in Cottbus. The media says the people fighting with them are right-wing extremists, but who knows. German liberals think not wanting the country taken over by foreigners is right-wing extremism.

However, it was the land of the Nazis and some groups definitely are Nazis. Some are not but all get painted with the same brush. One report says there are about 145 radical right-wingers in Cottbus. If so, that isn’t much against the 3,000 migrants and they don’t explain the crime surge.

The ban came after two male Syrian teenagers were arrested on suspicion of injuring a German teenager in the face with a knife. A few days before, an elderly couple were attacked by three Syrian youth.

Last weekend, 100 masked right-wingers labeled Nazis took part in an illegal demonstration.

The ban comes just weeks after a study in Germany revealed the recent influx of mostly young, male migrants had led to an increase in violent crime.

The study, by criminologist Christian Pfeiffer and funded by the German government, uses figures from the northern state of Lower Saxony to examine the impact of refugee arrivals on crime in 2015 and 2016.

It attributes a 10.4 percent rise in violent crimes in the state during those two years almost exclusively to refugees.

But it also found that migrants are most likely to be the victims of crime committed by migrants.

In 90 per cent of homicide cases where a migrant was the suspect, the victim was also a foreigner.

Most of the crimes are migrants against migrants, not Nazis!

This next clip is from the Russian propaganda network RT but there is an interesting interview midway by a man who talks of the expense and bad economy.


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