Another hate hoax by a fake victim at a university, color me shocked


Viterbo University in Wisconsin was rocked by shocking racist hate crimes, sparking mass protest. As it happend, the ‘victim’ was a hoaxer and this hoaxer set a fire to boot.

Then last week the hate escalated to an arson attack near the room of black race activist, Victoria C. Unanka.

After a fire and a police investigation, the student was arrested.


A Viterbo University student who said she was a victim of two recent racist incidents on campus has been accused of starting a fire in a residence hall April 18 and framing it as a hate crime.

Victoria C. Unanka was released on a signature bond Monday after La Crosse police arrested her for arson and negligent handling of burning materials.

“This is a complex situation that involves a series of concerning incidents,” said Viterbo University President Glena Temple. “We continue to investigate the incidents earlier in the semester and any potential link between them and this fire.”

A La Crosse Police Department report says Unanka was identified on surveillance video that had recently been installed after reports of racist and threatening graffiti.

Unanka told different versions of the story and different reasons for setting the fire.

Unanka reportedly told police she was frustrated that “no one was listening to me anymore.” She was suspended from the school and no longer on campus.
Almost all or all of these college hate crimes are hate hoaxes or no culprit is found.

The administration of Viterbo U hasn’t learned a thing:



  1. Someone should compile a list of these hoaxes.
    Actually there are several pages that do.
    When everything is racist then nothing is.
    When everyone is a hero then no one is.
    When everything is a public health crisis then nothing is.

  2. Expect more incidents like this. Blacks want to incite riots all over the country until there’s nothing left to burn. They will destroy their own neighborhoods, then want us to pay to rebuild them.

  3. How many False Flag Conservative hoaxes are there? It really makes you wonder when the Left needs False Flags to ensure their victim status. As the girl told the police, “no one was listening to me anymore.” Well for the most part, Red States aren’t listen to the Democrat Federal Government, so what is Traitor Joe planning on setting fire to.

  4. We kicked God out of our schools in the middle of the last century, Satan took his place…now this is the result…surprised?

  5. Victoria couldn’t handle the emptiness of not being persecuted so she had to persecute herself? I have a very good idea of why no one was listening to her any more. It’s a tough life when no one cares enough about you to throw things at you.

  6. Given how politically correct colleges have become it is hard to believe that anyone attending them would be a racists. Most conservatives are not given to making a public spectacle of themselves.

  7. Stop those idiotic fake hate crimes. First, remove all “hate crime” idiocy from the law statutes. Next, a minimum of 20-years at HARD-LABOR under military control for a first offense. A second offense is LIFE at HARD-LABOR!!!!!

  8. Tawana Brawley was the first one to gain national notoriety, and bring Sharpton into focus. Our institutions have been infiltrated incrementally for almost a century. We need a leader to organize us.

  9. That’s the problem with hate crimes. There just isn’t enough hate around, for the real haters to be victims. So they do the only thing they know. Hate,lie and play the victim.

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