Flyers tell ‘protesters’ to loot in San Leandro until there’s justice for Makiyah


Fake protesters plan to exploit the death of Makiyah Bryant. They are spreading digital flyers encouraging people to loot the Bayfair Center in San Leandro, California until “justice is served.”

Makiyah Bryant is a teenaged girl who tried to knife another girl to death when an officer shot and killed Makiyah. The police officer did nothing wrong. The fake protesters are using any excuse to break the law.

This is an extension of their success in potentially influencing the verdict in the Derek Chauvin case. The concern with the Derek Chauvin verdict is that rioters will think they can now get their way by threatening to burn down buildings. Also, the rioters are extending the guilt that only belongs to Derek Chauvin to every white person and every police officer.

Another question we have is are they going to control the outcome of every case involving the police now?

The San Leandro Police Department responded with a warning.



The problem is the way the Left is exploiting the crime of one man, Derek Chauvin, and making it about every officer.

Newsmax host Stinchfield discusses the real problem which includes Joe Biden fueling the flames of discontent and divisiveness:



  1. Caring about what happens in Ohio, is that part of the unity?
    Could it be some community organizing?
    (Hmm…so hmm)

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