Another Huge Welcoming Benefit Opens Up for “Newcomers”


FAIR reports, “Last week, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that it was extending the length of work permits for illegal aliens who apply for asylum from two to five years.

This comes as those responsible for screening and vetting applicants for immigration benefits are too overwhelmed.

It also comes as aliens wait seven or more years to have their cases heard.

In other words, criminal illegal aliens are getting immigration benefits and work visas. That won’t help the American worker.

Joseph Trimmer of Free Speech Studios addressed the issue below. He added the following comments:
“Every criminal alien that crosses into the United States gets a 5-YEAR WORK PERMIT, according to Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project lawyer.

“This is how ten million illegal aliens take over the country in three years. We give them everything.

“Most of their cases will be denied in seven years if they decide to show up to the hearing. Economic migrants are not refugees. But as long as they cross the river illegally, they can take a job that would otherwise go to an American citizen.

“The shocking revelation of the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project lawyer should send concern throughout the nation.

“As the news breaks that every criminal alien crossing into the United States is granted a 5-year work permit, it raises questions about the impact on the job market and the rights of American citizens. Joe Biden’s open border policies are turning American citizens into second-class citizens. We demand border security!! Put America First!”

Amazon has a Welcome Door project that gives refugees jobs. The only problem is they give jobs to every illegal alien.

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