Another Millionaire Comes Forward to Send Woke to Broke



By Mark Schwendau

One of the downfalls of being a progressive liberal in charge of a major American corporation’s marketing plan is they don’t seem to know the American audience very well anymore. Take, for example, the recent marketing ad campaign of Hershey’s. On March 1, the first day of Women’s History Month, the company released a commercial titled “Her for She” with a new limited-time candy bar wrapper.

This ad featured a 27-year-old transvestite man dressed as a woman, Fae Johnstone, of Canada, who serves as the narrator in the commercial. Her title off screen is executive director of Wisdom2Action, a Canadian social justice advocacy firm.

“We can create a world where everyone can live in public space as their honest and authentic self,” Johnstone says in the ad.

Later in the ad, Johnstone is seen alongside four real biological women, laughing and smiling. Johnstone then encourages viewers to visit Hershey’s website to “see the women who are changing how we see the future.” Those women include Kélicia Massala, a gender equality advocate; Rita Audi, a gender and education equality activist; Naila Moloo, a climate tech researcher; and Autumn Peltier, an Indigenous rights and water activist. All four women are Canadians.

The first International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 18, 1911, the fortieth anniversary of the Paris Commune. The date was changed to March 8, when women in Russia were given the right to vote in 1917. It is important to note that 100 years ago, guys like Fae Johnstone would have been locked away in a government-run mental asylum. One could correctly say they were early “asylum seekers.”

In Hershey’s commercial, Johnstone reveals a limited edition wrapper for their famous chocolate bars that will be available until they are sold out… if they sell out.

The new Hershey’s ad campaign was instantly met with considerable blowback and criticism on social media platforms. The #boycotthersheys began trending immediately. One leading critic included Rev. Franklin Graham, the son of legendary evangelist Rev. Billy Graham and CEO of the humanitarian aid organization Samaritan’s Purse.

Taking to social media, Graham posted:

“HERSHEY’S is using a biological man to represent women for International Women’s Day?? That’s really a slap in the face to women everywhere. I hope mothers, sisters, and daughters will rise up and tell Michele Buck, President and CEO of Hershey’s—who is a woman—that they don’t appreciate this and she should stand with women, not the woke Transagenda.”

The mainstream media was quick to label Rev. Graham a conservative nationalist, but this actually made conservatives bristle since Graham has not endorsed former President Trump for a second term but instead said, ”There are a number of Republicans that have great leadership ability, but Vice President (Mike) Pence has served this nation, and he’s served it well. And I hope that his role in serving this nation is not finished.” Graham self-identifies as an independent voter.

Trump supporters do not see Mike Pence that way at all.

So out of chaos comes order.

Daily Wire’s co-CEO Jeremy Boreing, in response to the woke stunt by Hershey’s, created his own company to make chocolate bars, Jeremy’s Chocolate. The new business line founded by the American millionaire has already sold some 300,000 non-woke chocolate bars less than two days after it was launched. At first, many thought this was just a joke that started late one night on Twitter.

Boreing announced his chocolate bars would come in two varieties; SheHer without nuts and HeHim with nuts, as a response to Hershey’s compromise on the definition of womanhood.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Boreing tweeted. “Introducing Jeremy’s Chocolate. Yes, it’s real. We have two kinds: HeHim and SheHer. One of them has nuts. If you need me to tell you which one, keep buying Hershey’s. But if you know what a woman is and love chocolate, go to:”

One could say this is not Boreing’s first rodeo in the world of wokeness, either.

His Daily Wire news source has built a reputation for counter-responses to woke corporations and institutions. In January 2021, the company signed Gina Carano to produce and star in “Terror on the Prairie” after she was canceled by Disney. Also, in March of last year, Boreing launched Jeremy’s Razors in response to Harry’s Razors publicly declaring they would pull their ads from The Daily Wire in response to a Daily Wire host articulating traditional views on gender. That indeed did happen as well.

“The people asked, and we answered,” Boreing said. “Thanks to Jeremy’s Chocolate, you can stop eating chocolate that hates you. Harry’s Razors hates you; Disney hates you; and now Hershey’s hates you. As long as corporations and institutions across America continue to alienate half the country, The Daily Wire will continue building alternatives. Stop giving your money to woke chocolate companies that hate you.”

Boreing revealed more than 100,000 of his chocolate bars had sold in just the first 12 hours after the launch of his new company.

The Daily Wire also published a hysterical commercial ad for Jeremy’s Chocolate featuring Boreing, and Daily Wire hosts Brett Cooper and Michael Knowles.

Fine. I’ll do it. Introducing Jeremy’s Chocolate.”

Many Twitter users were astonished at the speed with which The Daily Wire was able to launch Jeremy’s Chocolate. Boreing confirmed that he worked through Thursday night to get the company off the ground. “We did not know,” he tweeted. “We just stayed up all night for the love of the game. And the country. And chocolate.”


For two years, I have been saying Joe Biden never got any 81 million votes, and all the proof you need is how rapidly woke liberals are getting taken down in the corporate world heavily reliant on consumers. Now we have woke corporate America drawing the ire of average American families. Most would agree began with Disney. Boy, did they ever pay the price!

So apparently, “Go woke, go broke” is much more than a cute social media meme. It is an actual business model of our time. So when it comes to wokeism corporate America, keep screwing around and find out how much Americans like this new concept!

Copyright © 2022 by Mark S. Schwendau


Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  He describes himself as a Christian conservative who God cast to be a realist.  His personal website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.

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11 months ago

Hershey’s wants to follow m&ms down the Woke toilet.

11 months ago

For American big business “We The People” have merely become ATM machines instead of customers!