This Is Why Rep. Goldman’s Trying to Wreck Oversight Hearings


Thursday’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing of the Twitter Files included an unsavory bunch of Democrats badgering and trying to delegitimize two Democrat witnesses who voted for Joe Biden. Their manner was offensive, but Dan Goldman was the worst of all. He is trying to wreck the Oversight hearings, and we think it’s due to his deep ties to a far-far-left group.

The goal was clearly aimed at destroying the witnesses’ credibility and obfuscating the truth.

Democrats are scared. They have a lot to lose if people start paying attention. They arrogantly and dismissively tried to get liberal journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger to reveal their sources.

These anti-free-speech-Democrats are fighting for Ukraine’s freedom and democracy?

While the hacks of the Democrat party were exceedingly offensive, none quite equaled Rep. Dan Goldman of New York. He was one of the Trump impeachment villains.

Goldman complimented Shellenberger’s tie on his opening. Perhaps he was saying that’s the only reasonable comment you’ll hear because it was.

The New York Representative pulled out every card in the deck and ended up with a bad hand. He tried to claim the NY Post’s Hunter laptop story was based on Rudy Giuliani’s tampered copy. He added that Giuliani was “openly cavorting with agents of Russian intelligence.” Blaming Russia for everything never gets old. Shellenberger responded by explaining multiple news outlets, including CBS, authenticated the contents of the laptop.

Denigrate, denigrate!

Goldman’s entire spiel was to denigrate the witnesses. He mocked Shellenberger for not reading a 300-page report – Trump Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report – that almost no one read. However, Shellenberger was familiar with the contents.

Goldman went on to debunk the Biden-Burisma-Shokin report in which Biden extorted Ukraine – on tape. In the case, Biden told Ukraine to fire Shokin, the prosecutor of Hunter-allied Burisma, or lose $1 billion in funding. The Levi heir also tried to claim the government was ony using its free speech; you can watch it in the next clip.

When he wasn’t nasty to witnesses, he was snarking at Jim Jordan. Decorum is not his strong suit, but hackery is!

This is probably the reason!

Goldman is a partisan hack who is the Democrat pit bull who doesn’t seek truth, just the throat. His overriding goal is to discredit political opponents at all costs. However, his most unappealing trait is his conflict of interest. He is tied to Arabella, a secretive, far-far-left consulting firm. It oversees the funds allocated to combatting investigations into Biden.

Fox News Digital has the report:

Through his family foundation, Rep. Daniel Goldman, D.-N.Y, a member of the House Oversight Committee, has ties to Arabella Advisors, a Washington, D.C., consulting firm that overlooks the largest dark money network in the country. Arabella Advisors manages the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which has bankrolled the Congressional Integrity Project, a group of liberal operatives working behind the scenes with Democrats in attempts to smother the Biden investigations by Goldman’s GOP colleagues on the Oversight Committee.

Goldman’s ties to Arabella Advisors lie with his family foundation, the Richard W. Goldman Family Foundation, which works to “promote equality” and reduce “barriers to opportunity across generations for our nation’s most disadvantaged.” According to tax forms, Goldman held several roles at the foundation, which he typically operated alongside a few other family members. In 2012, he became its secretary; in 2018, he also took over its treasurer responsibilities.

Nothing to see here, conspiracy theorists!

The same year he became its treasurer, Goldman’s family foundation moved its books into the care of Arabella Advisors. But even before the influential firm took over its books, the foundation had paid Arabella Advisors hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees dating back to 2013, its tax forms show. The foundation has also doled out more than $1.2 million to the New Venture Fund, an Arabella Advisors-managed dark money nonprofit incubator, for endeavors.

Goldman’s 2022 financial disclosure shows that he had shifted his position to the sole family foundation board member reported on previous years’ tax forms.

Arabella Advisors, meanwhile, manages the Sixteen Thirty Fund, another dark money nonprofit incubator that pushes hundreds of millions of dollars into left-wing causes and initiatives each year. In 2020 and 2021, the Sixteen Thirty Fund funneled $1.5 million into the Congressional Integrity Project, the Washington Examiner first reported, which was nearly all of the Congressional Integrity Project’s cash during that time.

You should know about Arabella, a far-far-left group

If Arabella sounds familiar, you might have heard of their ties to GFI. GFI is a former State Department-funded censor of conservative websites. They put together lists of thousands of websites to censor. They send the lists to advertisers to demonetize them. Almost all of the sites are conservative.

Governing for Impact (GFI) is a secretive left-of-center regulatory policy think tank created in 2019 to “prepare a new administration for transformative governance” by writing left-leaning regulatory recommendations for federal bureaucratic agencies. [1] GFI and its sister 501(c)(4) organization, the Governing for Impact Action Fund, were created as fiscally sponsored projects of the New Venture Fund and Sixteen Thirty Fund, respectively, the flagship nonprofits of the Arabella Advisors network.

Bill O’Reilly covered Arabella:

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