Another Obama Fiat Goes Down! Gold Pebble Mine Can Apply for a Permit


The EPA under Scott Pruitt has reversed the Obama era Gold Pebble Mine decision, which was one of his many pen and phone decisions.

Obama blocked the Pebble Mine from requesting mining permits from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Pruitt will allow the miners to apply for a permit

“A withdrawal of the proposed determination would remove any uncertainty, real or perceived, about [the developer’s] ability to submit a permit application and have that permit application reviewed,” the proposal noted.

Obama was the king who wouldn’t allow permits.

Radicals in the environmentalist movement and some tribes hailed his dictatorial stance. They might have the best of intentions, but, there is this thing called the constitution.

Obama’s EPA blocked the mine at Obama’s behest. He used agencies like any Marxist would – as tools. The government agencies did not work independently.

The EPA prevented the Pebble Mine from even applying for a Clean Water Act Section 404.

Republican lawmakers in the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology launched investigations into Obama’s decision and found that EPA ecologist Phil North worked with mine opponents to block Pebble Mine from being built.

Pruitt’s plan will be published in the Federal Register shortly, kicking off a three-month period for activists and shareholders to submit comments about the proposal. Obama initially blocked the mine in 2014.

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