Another Obama Legacy Is About to Hit the Dustbin of History


Obama’s legacy is being torched by the Trump administration. Perhaps he can erase him from our history. Obama’s regulations, fake treaties, and many of his memos have been put in the circular file.

The Trump administration is now hitting the Obama legacy at the EPA and the DOE, the corrupt, scandal-ridden EPA that did nothing but put in rule after rule to kill jobs. The DOE wasn’t far behind.

Another one of the Department of Energy’s onerous and absurd rules is about to go down, according to The Washington Post. The Obama-era DOE banned a very large number of light bulbs.

The Trump DOE is about to scrap the rule that broadened the number of light bulbs to meet draconian energy standards by 2020.

Obama’s rules even included bug lights, three-way bulbs, ‘rough-service lamps’ and some decorative bulbs such as globe-shaped bulbs.

The document is available on the Cloud document page.

Progressives like Obama are actually regressive. They would have us back in the Stone Age.

Sorry Obama, another unnecessary and draconian rule is going down.

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