Another Weekend of Slaughter in Chicago


Chicago just saw another weekend of slaughter in what has become a regular occurrence.

Nine people were murdered, with the first victim being a 9-year-old boy playing basketball outside his home on Friday evening. He was apparently an unintended target when a shooter fired into a group of people.

Another 25 people were shot and wounded. The other victims ranged in age from 17 to 44, both men and women.

The Chicago Police Department released a report showing a 139 percent increase in homicides compared to July of last year. The wholesale slaughter of Chicago’s children and adults shows no signs of slowing down. Murders in Chicago have become such routine events that it’s barely more than a blip on the nightly news.

Janari Ricks was playing outside Friday evening when someone walked up and started shooting into a group of people. The nine-year-old boy was shot in the chest and died moments later. A $4,000 reward has been offered to find his killer.

The straight “A” honor roll student would have started 4th grade in a few weeks. Janari was an athletically skilled little boy wanted to be a professional basketball player.

“He wanted to rebuild the community, rebuild something that the kids can enjoy later down line. It’s gone, it’s taken away.” Janari’s mother said.

Little Janari was one of 58 children shot in Chicago during the month of July.

A number of organizations in Chicago are working to end the gun violence that has plagued the city for years. But none of them were able to stop the murder of this smart little boy with a bright and promising future.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the city’s gun violence “every bit a public health crisis as COVID-19.” The mayor went on to lament the violence that has racked her city, but seemed lost as to what to do about it.

Her most surprising comment was her call for “support for our community police officers.” This from a city that wants to defund the police! Not surprising, however, was her call for federal gun control.

All this is too late for nine-year-old Janari Ricks. He had a bright future that was snuffed out by the senseless violence that has plagued Chicago for decades.

It’s also worth noting that Chicago has been run by Democrat for 90 years.

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3 years ago


3 years ago

Good thing those tough gun laws in Chicago are working so well.