NZ plans to quarantine people for months or years to protect from COVID-19


New Zealand defeated COVID-19, and have no new cases. They had only 1,544 confirmed cases and 22 deaths to begin with, but now there are none. It’s a real success story.

It’s big news worldwide. CNN boasted of its milestone.

However, MSN reports that it means people will be quarantined from months or years.


A leading New Zealand epidemiologist says “thousands of people” will be quarantined in isolation facilities for months – and possibly years – into the future.

University of Otago professor of public health Michael Baker’s appearance on Newshub Nation on Saturday comes after multiple cases of people breaking out of their facilities.

Prof Baker says while New Zealand is doing “exceptionally well” so far, we need to be prepared for a “long-term risk management challenge”.

“Mistakes happen, and we have to learn from them and improve our systems so we don’t repeat those errors,” he tells host Simon Shepherd.

“We’re going to have thousands of people sitting in these facilities, quarantined in isolation facilities for months, maybe years ahead.

“Sensible risk management says when a mistake happens you figure out what went wrong, and you improve the system.”

They’re going to imprison people for months or years over the virus.

People are jumping out of windows and scaling fences to escape.

The professor said they’re going to profile people for the illness including foreigners visiting.

New Zealand is fully communist now and that’s where we are headed.

Wake up people! The statists will take all our freedoms away in the name of safety and security. Yes, they are this crazy.

As writer/reporter Alex Berenson says, “Don’t think developed nations with a tradition of respecting individual rights will trash them for #Covid? I have two words for you: New Zealand. Where indefinite confinement is already real, and PEOPLE IN ISOLATION ARE DESPERATELY TRYING TO BREAK FREE. Welcome to the occupation.”

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3 years ago

Well this is interesting. It IS beginning to look like a scam.

3 years ago

That prime minister is a marxist/greenie/socialist unintelligent idiot who got the job accidentally because the maori leader of a minority party gave her the deciding vote. She also plays up to all the mohammads/muslims and may even be in bed with the chinese. God Help the New Zealanders that did not vote for her.

3 years ago

Sounds like Dr. Fauci’s dream scenario.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

God help us! This is what Communist China unleashed upon the world, coming to USA in the very near future.