Anti-Free Speech Hillary Joins Columbia University Faculty


The politically divisive Hillary Clinton will teach at the School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA). She will also be a presidential fellow at Columbia World Projects.

The Columbia University President thinks she has extraordinary talents. We know she can make 30,000 emails disappear.

“Given her extraordinary talents and capacities together with her singular life experiences, Hillary Clinton is unique, and, most importantly, exceptional in what she can bring to the University’s missions of research and teaching, along with public service and engagement for the public good,” University President Lee Bollinger wrote to students and faculty.

She’s honored, and that’s too bad.

“I am honored to join Columbia University, and the School of International and Public Affairs and Columbia World Projects,” Clinton said in the announcement. “Columbia’s commitment to educating the next generation of U.S. and global policy leaders, translating insights into impact, and helping to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges resonates personally with me. I look forward to contributing to these efforts.”

Happy Hillary
She is going global in her anti-free speech totalitarianism.

As a leading anti-free speech voice, she will fit in perfectly at a school where even the head of the Journalism School denounced “weaponizing free speech” and called for censorship, Dr. Jonathan Turley tweeted.

Columbia Journalism Dean and New Yorker writer Steve Coll has denounced how the First Amendment right to freedom of speech was being “weaponized” to protect disinformation. That’s right. A journalism dean and writer declaring that the problem is that free speech itself is allowing too much freedom on the Internet and other forums,” Professor Jonathan Turley wrote on his blog.

He added in a tweet that “Columbia ranked dead last out of 203 schools on free speech.  It is a perfect fit for an American politician who recently called upon European countries to force Twitter to censor her fellow citizens.”


When Elon Musk bought Twitter, Professor Turley wrote on his blog: politicians and pundits were forced to move from corporate censorship to calls for good old-fashioned state censorship. Indeed, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has declared Musk’s pledge to restore free speech values on social media as threatening Democracy itself. She has promised that “there are going to be rules” to block such changes. She is not alone. Former President Obama has declared “regulation has to be part of the answer” to disinformation. For her part, Hillary Clinton is looking to Europe to fill the vacuum and called upon her European counterparts to pass a massive censorship law to “bolster global democracy before it’s too late.”

Hillary Clinton is a Marxist. That is the type of democracy she is referencing.

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