Anti-Trump ‘Nasty’ Mayor Cruz Under Investigation for Corruption


Mayor Cruz was criticized for complaining about not receiving supplies from the U.S. while standing in front of endless stacks of supplies in this photo. She wore the t-shirt, ‘Nasty’ as in ‘Nasty Woman’, which you see here, for an interview with Univision’s Jorge Ramos after President Trump visited the island.

Partisan San Juan Mayor Yulin Cruz continuously tried to demean the President in the wake of Hurricane Maria. As it happens, she might be guilty of the very thing she accused the President of doing.

Ironically, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz and her administration are under FBI investigation themselves after reports that corruption in San Juan. She is accused of keeping critical supplies from reaching victims of the hurricane.

According to a local news report from El Vocero de Puerto Rico, the FBI is investigating several suppliers for alleged corruption in San Juan.

It says the investigation was launched after former procurement director Yadira Molina filed a lawsuit claiming she faced punishment for reporting illegal activities to the local comptroller. The investigation has since grown to include several contractors, Epoch Times reported.

She was blocked from reporting wrongdoing. There were several criminal complaints and the FBI was required to investigate.

A police officer called in to a local radio station on September 27th about the mayor and others. She told the host:

“The Mayor, Carmen Yulin, is not allowing anyone to distribute… We need… what Puerto Ricans need is that the U.S. armed forces come in and distribute the aid. And that they stop the governor, Rosello, and the mayor, Yulin, on doing what they are doing.

It’s an abuse, it looks like communism, in our own island.

Help is not being accepted she said. “They have to wait for the license, that there are no buses.”

Let me tell you something Boricuas (Puerto Ricans) are dying of hunger.

This is a bureaucracy, everything has to be protocol, the lines are stretched.

We can only give one box of water per person.

The medics here, people are dying, the hospitals are in crisis.”

The FEMA chief said Cruz wouldn’t even come to planning meetings.

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