Anti-White Racism Taught in Red State PS Disabled Program


“understanding that ‘control’ is based in white norms and is associated with white supremacist thought; it is appropriate to focus on social-emotional teaching and learning”

North Carolina is spending millions of dollars on a Critical Race Theory program developed at the University of North Carolina that teaches disabled preschoolers about the problems of whiteness, Kendall Tietz reports at the Daily Caller.

The Left is destroying our children, our school systems, and our way of life as quickly as they can. None of this is good for a nation.

A program designed by the University of North Carolina (UNC) teaches 3 and 4-year-old disabled preschoolers to “deconstruct whiteness,” according to a report from Education First Alliance (EFA).

The “Equity and Cultural Responsiveness” program defines whiteness as how “customs, culture, and beliefs operate as the standard by which all other groups are compared,” and it encourages “deconstructing whiteness” by “challenging it” and “developing a personal vision for racial justice, and building skills to be accountable allies to people of color.”

These hateful loons are preying on little handicapped children – 3-year-olds. They’re teaching them to be racists.

A slide says teachers should help preschoolers with “building racial identity” and “Encourage the children to question social, scientific, and historical facts. We want children to question whether the information is true.”

In a section titled “General Supervision of Children,” which governs “children’s health and safety,” a page with the same watermark says controlling a preschool class requires “understanding that ‘control’ is based in white norms and is associated with white supremacist thought; it is appropriate to focus on social-emotional teaching and learning.”

This is evil and sick. How could anyone do a thing like this to little children?



  1. The sickness intensifies. Masking to destroy the immune system, teaching hate as normal in order to burn it all down better.
    Beware inbred “elite” maggots, the Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.

  2. That is exactly what the Marxist/socialist/communist/progressive/liberal agenda is and always has been about…class warfare. The classes pitted against each other may vary widely, but the goal is always the same…make groups of people hate each other.

    In some cases, the color of the groups does not matter. The uniform worn by law enforcement officers (LEO) is the target marking the white/black/Asian/Hispanic person inside it. Cops represent a diverse group. Liberals promote hatred of cops by all other groups.

    Liberals pit blacks against blacks, blacks against whites, blacks against Asians, blacks against Hispanics, Asians against Jews, Atheists against religion,…you name it…liberals love for people to hate each other.

    They know that the best time to mold a child’s mind is early in the life experience. Once they are told repeatedly that whiteness is evil, they begin to believe it is actually true.

    …and there appears to be NOTHING that parents can do about this demented agenda. Our “education” system does not educate children. It indoctrinates them.

  3. Academicians are almost always losers. That is why they teach and never really do anything practical. How many times have you seem a teacher with any real skills? My daughter is always asking what do you do with the “theory” she is learning in school. When I give her a real world task to accomplish using that theory, she realizes just how clueless so called teachers really are. We really should go back to trades training and apprenticeships where our children are taught by people with real skills earning a real living. But then, what would we do with the millions of overpaid teachers and school administrators. Oh, and don’t forget the school boards who think parents are Domestic Terrorist. Public Schools haven’t been teaching children how to be useful adults for over 30 years.

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