Anti-white racist will write the script for the new Black Superman movie


A new Superman movie is in the works and the script will be written by a raging mad racist.


Outkick’s Bobby Burack writes that Ta-Nehisi Coates, who wrote a dishonest book defining everything in the country as racist, will write the script for the new Superman who will be Black.

With Coates writing it, it’s likely going to be far-left propaganda.

Burack says, “For the many who have steered clear of Coates for the past five years, Tucker Carlson exposed him in his 2018 book Ship of Fools (which, like Carlson or not, is highly recommended) in a way that forever redefined slaying.”

Tucker writes that in Coates’s book, Between the World and Me, he describes two experiences that convinced him the country is racist.

In one, his friend was shot by a policeman, proving to him that the country is racist. Only the officer wasn’t white.

Say, what?

As it happens, the man killed wasn’t even his friend. He barely knew him.

Carlson explains, “Coates later reveals that he didn’t know his slain friend particularly well. They weren’t actually friends. Yet the killing of an acquaintance by a black cop made Coates feel so oppressed by white racism that when the twin towers fell on 9/11, he immediately framed the tragedy in racial terms: ‘I could see no difference between the officer who killed Prince Jones and the police who died, or the firefighters who died.’”

“By this point in the book, you begin to wonder if there’s something psychologically wrong with Coates,” Carlson adds.

Coates described his second life-changing brush with white racism, saying a white woman was once rude to his son on an escalator. That’s it, that was the story.

Okay then.

Was she even rude? Or was she guilty because she was riding the escalator while white?


Tucker also wrote Coates’s most famous book, “Between the World and Me is an unusually bad book: poorly written, intellectually flabby, relentlessly shallow, and bigoted. No honest reader with an IQ over 100 could be impressed by it. …

“It’s a measure how thoroughly the diversity cult has corroded the aesthetic standards of our elites that the book was greeted with almost unanimous praise, which is to say, lying,” Tucker continued.

Also in Tucker’s book, Ship of Fools, he writes, Coates’ “father was a member of the Black Panther Party who had seven children by four women.”

“Coates was an introverted boy who loved comic books. He failed eleventh-grade English but nevertheless was able to enroll in Howard University. He attended for five years but failed to graduate, in part because he failed classes on British and American literature.”

This is the guy they picked to write the Superman script. That should end the Superman legacy, sad to say.

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